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Just a Thought Notebook

Just a Thought Notebook

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Thoughts can be the most independent and subjective thing to man, no one can influence your thoughts without your permission. One's thoughts solely belong to them! One's thoughts affect his sub-consciousness, which influences one's actions. Thoughts help to attain focus in one's dreams and goals, powerful imaginations can affect one's life and the lives of other people.

Just like magic, writing down thoughts and feelings helps to understand them more clearly. In a little while, the mind becomes calm and reorganized. It clears the mind and prepares it for decision making. Cultivating the habit of writing down troubling thoughts is beneficial as It helps in recording everything that distracts one's attention. This large notebook has been purposely produced to contain a vast range of thoughts that need to be safely recorded. It is effective and functional for both educative and creative learning. Sometimes a piece of knowledge forgotten might not be recovered. This notebook is efficacious for safekeeping of thoughts.